Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of gamblers are problem gamblers?

These numbers vary depending on which gambling addiction facts and statistics you’re referring to, as well as the region in the world we’re talking about. Luckily, even some of the most problematic countries, such as the USA, have a problem gambling rate somewhere between 2% and 3%. Of course, bigger countries with more people mean more individuals who are addicted to gambling, but the general percentage usually isn’t higher than 2.5%. While this number may not sound like that much at first, you need to be objective when exploring these gambling addiction stats and take a look at the number of people behind this percentage. When you do that, you’ll realize that we could be talking about hundreds of thousands of individuals in just one country!

How many people are at risk of problem gambling?

In one word: everyone. In a few more words: all those people who consider gambling to be a potential solution for their financial struggles are at risk of problem gambling. This is especially true for those who don’t understand gambling addiction psychology and what it can do to your health and your overall wellbeing.

Finally, if you’re not careful enough and don’t have people who are watching over you, you too could get addicted to gambling more easily than you realize. That’s why creating a support system around you is crucial, so don’t hesitate to let the people around you know that you’re having trouble controlling your gambling. Don’t be afraid of being judged and trust these individuals to help you overcome your issues. Encourage them to take a look at casino gambling addiction statistics, at which point they’ll surely understand why you need their help.

Can someone ever stop gambling?

Yes, anyone can stop gambling if they really want to and have the right sport. Gambling isn’t the most addictive thing in the world, and you need to realize that you can stop whenever you want. It’s going to take a while and it won’t be easy, but it’s manageable and it’s the right thing to do.

If you take a look at the statistics on overcoming gambling addiction, you’ll see that many individuals who have taken this process seriously and dedicated their time and energy to it have learned how to overcome gambling and leave it in their past. Again, being surrounded by those who love and support you is important; it’s really the only way to beat this addiction. You also have to understand that this is a lifelong battle, and you’ll need to remain vigilant to make sure you don’t relapse sometime in the future.

What percentage of gamblers win?

This is a difficult question to answer even if you know all the important online gambling addiction statistics we’ve talked about. You need to understand that there are many different types of gambling and gamblers, some of whom invest huge amounts of money while others play casually.

Gamblers usually win around 30% of the time. This could be considered beginner’s luck, of course, because the more you gamble, the more you’re likely to lose in the long term. That’s why only around 11% of people continue winning regularly – and they’ll probably end up winning just a small amount of money, which is what all gambling addiction statistics reinforce.